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Ginkgoa is the New Yorker Nicolle Rochelle and the French Antoine Chatenet who come together to associate their contagious energy in this project combining American swing with furious electro beats. The irresistable recipe of Ginkgoa works everytime.  We discover the duo in their new clip Boy Bounce with dance battles filmed in New Orleans to wild rhythms.

We can't resist their Boy Bounce. 
The irresistable formula of this atypical group and their overflowing energy lies in their strong and audacious/daring compositions, interpreted freely using electro, bass, and vintage jazz from the 60's, we find a lot of different ingredients in Ginkgoa 's magic pot.
From Rita Mitsuko to Edith Piaf by way of Erykah Badu, Pink Martini and Caro Emerald, Ginkgoa amuses itself by mixing influences, languages, eras and styles, transforming pop into a real kaleidoscope of sound capable of upturning any dancefloor.

With its sharp electro-swing sound, Ginkgoa has got people from all around the world dancing to its new single Boy Bounce!
In the space of a few months, Ginkgoa has become the perfect machine to make the festival public dance as they can not resist the efficient electroswing sound where old jazzy riffs from the 50's find themselves propelled light years ahead to the cutting rythmic electro sounds.
Boy Bounce and the sound system of Ginkgoa 
Ginkgoa went to New Orleans, Louisiana in order to film their video clip and invited a bunch of dancers on roller skates to come and strut their stuff. The result was largely contagious. Bobby Bonsey and the troupe of dancers gave it everything they had, even taking Nicolle into their choreography for this song,  tailor made to be a summer hit, at least until Ginkgoa comes back with more irresistable tracks  pounding  diabolical rhythms on their first album slated to be released soon.


« wolfsburger nachrichten », June the 19th, 2017.

An invitation to dance  ! The group Ginkgoa mystifies the public with various styles. 

It is especially this mix of style that inspires everybody to dance. Even in Wolfsburg on a Saturday night, Ginkgoa is a success on the international summerstage of Schlosshof. 


Over one hundred spectators of all different ages found themselves dancing, clapping their hands, and singing along to  the hooks. The public was happily enchanted and mystified.

Nicolle Rochelle is a seductive singer who casts a spell on the audience when she dances and sings in her sexy and wild way like a real Rockstar Lady. She touches the audience with her sincerity.  The people can sense the effects of this mix of French and Americain culture and they appreciate it.

Web newspaper « Waz », June the 19th, 2017.

Sommerbühne: Ginkgoa convinces with a unique sound

Electro beats, soul songs and still so much more excited the festival crowds when Ginkgoa played on stage Saturday night. Hardly anyone could stay in their seats with such danceable beats. Together with outstanding guest musicians they developped a unique sound that left the audience barely able to keep their legs still. Nicolle Rochelle proved herself to be a dynamic force onstage with a fantastic and energetic voice. She marveled the public with her grand stage presence and wonderful tap dance.
The group emitted a great joy that went straight out into the audience.

« Stadtfest Dissen Skurril – Magazin zum Stadtfest Dissen 2015» 


« 2015 is the year of a real breakthrough. In March they had a sold-out China Tour, they played at the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreal International Festival or at Bastille Day in New York. »« So in Dissen, they move the audience as well. »


« Schlachthof HNA, 23.09.2015» 


"They played more than 200 shows in China, the USA and Europe and gained several prices for their work. ». « Together they form GINKGOA,- alias Nicolle Rochelle and Antoine Chatenet- and they create a colorful mix out of french chansons with american vibes and american songs with french touch. ». « Their musical influences lie in current pop melodies, Swing of the old New York and it reaches to modern Electro. Inspired by artists such as Caro Emerald or Caravan Palace, they are a real experience when you see them live."



«» (Canada)


“For our great pleasure, Ginkgoa marked the magnificent opening night of Montreux Jazz Festival on the stage of Music in the Park yesterday evening. They made us dance, smile, and vibrate for about an hour and even invited the public to join them on stage! We were especially impressed by the energy of the beautiful Nicolle and her dancing hips, as adorable as her slight American accent when speaking and singing in French."


« Montréal Gazette – 20 Juin 2015 / World of music free of charge by Mark Lepage» (Canada)


“Ginkgoa (July 4 and 5, 8 and 10 pm. Rio Tinto Alcan Stage). Named Nicolle Rochelle and Antoine Chatenet, spinning their central-casting tale of romantic bilingual retro-Manhattan swing with a shot of electronica. So it’s high-steppin’ concept and maybe even camp, but hell, it’s the 4th of July. Put a goofball stars ‘n’ bars top hat or beret on your head and celebrate.”