Hip-hop Music Genres

Music Genres

Hip Hop is considered to be the most popular forms of music that have made its name across the world. In this article, let’s discuss the different types or the sub-genres in hip hop music culture briefly.

Hip-Hop/ R&B/ Rap

Hip Hop is a term that was originated in or created by the Africans-Americans in the late cultural movements in the 1970s. Shortly into this artistic movement, the Caribbean Americans and the Latino Americans also joined the movement. This has lead to the significant scale development of the hip hop music genre, which mainly includes rap music.

The music genre comprises of four elementary and five secondary parts. The fundamental elements are a necessity to understand the music genre, which includes:

  • Rapping
  • DJ’ing
  • Breakdancing
  • Graffiti

The other features of this type of music also include:

  • Beat Boxing
  • Street Entrepreneurship
  • Hip hop fashion
  • Hip hop language and many more

R&B genre

R&B genre

Like noted earlier, the hip hop genre of music began in the early 1970s during the Urban development movement in the Bronx. The training was mainly focused on MC’ing in all the neighbourhood events and parties in the block. To this day, it is considered as the most powerful ways to protest against the decision taken by the legal institutions.

The people in the urban Latino culture mainly use Hip hop as a form of expression. A Jamaican DJ named Kool Herc was the first to use this genre of music into the percussions break in hip hop culture. He made use of the records that helped in switching back and forth two tracks by using a mixer.

Rapping was started in the African American culture, where people exchanged words verbally, and men compete with one another. This vocal style of music was later laid over with a beat.

High Points of Hip Hop music

Over the years, the music genre hasn’t just been a musical genre but is merely considered a movement. It is also considered as a platform that the artists have carefully curated to eliminate the ills of society. One of the significant reasons for this is the increase in popularity of the rap genre in the hip hop culture, around American and African music is because that is one of the primary ways to connect to the people in the region. They’re able to interpret their feelings and emotions correctly and also alleviated from being treated as a minority.

Some of the famous hip-hop or rap songs include:

  • It takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back by Public Enemy, released in 1988
  • Raising Hell by Run DMC in 1986
  • All Eyez on Me by 2Pac in 1996
  • Ready to Die by Notorious BIG in 1994
  • The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem in 2000
  • Hip hop/Rap Genres
  • Hyphy
  • Jazz Rap
  • Dirty South
  • East Coast
  • G-Funk
  • Latin Rap

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