A Brief Introduction to Hip Hop Music Genre

Music Genre

Hip Hop is not just considered as a musical genre, but it is indeed a robust cultural movement that gained its widespread popularity in the early 1980s and the 90s. It is also considered as the genre that is the backing music for rap. This musical style incorporates various segments of music like rhythm, rhyming speech with the influential artform. Hip Hop has penetrated all areas of our lives including cinema, video games such as Grand Theft Auto and even musicals. So whether you decide to catch the next film at a movie theater, download the latest video game or get tickets for a Hamilton show in New York you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the Hip Hop culture!

Origin of Hip Hop

It is widely considered as a synonym for the rap culture and rap music, but it consists of four different elements – Dj’ing, rapping, Rhyming, Writing and B-boying. All these four sectors of the genre encompass the style of dance, music and attitude that is referred to in technical terms as postural semantics.

It was initially discovered in the African American culture in the late 1970s. This genre is also shrouded by the remains of myth, enigma and also obfuscation. Among the four sectors of the genre, graffiti and break dancing caught crowd attention and laps became a crowd favourite.

All the four components of the genre of music were amalgamated together by the shared environment, which has evolved over the years. One of the first significant DJ in the hip hop genre was DJ Kool Herc, who was a young 18-year-old immigrant. He introduced the sounds of Jamaica to all the inner city parties and the other native Americas. He blended the old rhythmic music to the popular new tunes that as also used as a dance record, over the years. They also encouraged improvisational dancing.

The eighties Hip Hop

The eighties Hip Hop

By the end of the late 1970s, hip hop was a mainstream musical genre that gained traction from all the old and young audiences. It was also used as a 1980s certified gold track music, which was sung by Kurtis Blow. In 1986, Beastie Boys formed a white hip-hop group of people who also released the first LP rap music to the billboard albums and charts.

Many artists from this ear, made a social statement about hip hop as their platform to showcase their knowledge. Following them, their fans also started following the crowed and became mainstream fans of hip hop music.

Nineties Hip Hop rap music

Gangsta rap was one of the predominant genres of the hip hop music of the nineties. It was during this era that the subject matter of the music genre shifted to subjects like misogyny, drugs, violence, abuse and many more. It was also considered a mainstream commodity. During this time, it had reached heights of popularity, and the black teens were not the only ones that were listening to this form of music.

Over the years, it also drove people towards the genre, and it became a political and a social platform to lead a ghetto life in the early 20th century. Thanks to all the crossover artists, today, hip hop is regarded as the broadest genre of demographic.

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