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Eminem- Hip Hop Star and His Top 6 Celeb Fan Base!

Hip Hop Star

You can love him or hate him, but Eminem is known as one of the incredible hip hop artists of all time. With his voice and the way he plays with the lyrics is pretty exciting that it has attracted a lot of audience and musicians all over the world. His deep meaning about life and showing and depicting the injustice happening around the countries writing in the form of music are one of the reasons why Eminem is a controversial name. Having said that, you must know that not only the normal people but, even the celebrities fancied his music. Read the following points to understand some of the celebs who have a profound interest and the interest changed into fan base! Without any further ado, let us dive into the article, shall we?

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato, a successful singer, yet her favourite singer and rapper is none other than Eminem. She had to move through various challenging situations in life, and it was Eminem’s music that made her move ahead in life. She is forever thankful for his music, which makes her one of the celeb fans. She has openly admitted that she loves Eminem in one of her tweets.

Stephen King

Stephen King

Stephen King, known for his ‘IT’ and ‘Shining’ is one of the horror writers of all. He, himself has a lot of fans following him, but he follows Eminem and his music. Yes, my dear folks, he fell in love with Eminem’s music even though he disagreed initially.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is famous for various controversies and critical reviews. However, she loves Eminem; believe it or not, even Eminem had gone through a lot of controversies! Even though Eminem has composed and written lyrics where he has mocked Miley Cyrus, despite all that, she is a huge fan of this Rap God!

Justin Bieber

Another controversial figure, Justin Bieber, has openly stated that he grew up listening to the tracks written and sung by Eminem, which makes him a die-hard of Eminem. From his childhood onwards, only one music has been constant in his playlist, and that belongs to Eminem and no one else. However, at an MTV event for Artists of the Year Award, Beiber outdid Eminem and won the award!

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Best known for his cold blood-sucking, yet handsome vampire, Edward character from Twilight, Robert Pattinson is a huge fan of Eminem. He mentioned that he is and will be a huge fan of Eminem from his first memory onwards. Robert Pattinson is working his soul off for his upcoming film, Batman.


Pink and Eminem are two people where one can find their fan bases to be bizarre yet, unique. Indeed they are Unique and has a lot in common. One of the things we don’t know about Pink is that she is a huge fan of Eminem. She has also written him a mail saying how much she loves his music.

Top 5 Hip Hop Music Tracks of 2020

Music Tracks

Each year, music, especially hip hop genre, has seen some pretty amazing transformation. Yearly, the music world is getting new controversial yet, deep meaning music and artists alike. Over the years, hip hop music field is blessed with a lot of artists, and one cannot say who is better than whom. However, the music these artists put forward is amazing and is worth investing time for. Having that said, we will see some of the greatest hip hop albums of 2020 in the following post. Without much further ado, let us hit the post, shall we?

Hollywood’s Bleeding

The first and the foremost one in the list is none other than the Hollywood’s Bleeding written by Post Malone. Even though he did not take an active part in making the music nor did he reach the Billboard, however, his music, Hollywood’s Bleeding, Sunflower, and Wow was off the charts! Once not a star, Post Malone who now touches anything is sure to bloom no matter what! Post Malone is surely shaking the foundation stone of the hip hop music culture.

Jesus Is King

The second hit list is none other than Jesus Is King that is written by Kanye West. Not being a frequent visitor of hip hop crew, Kanye West throws his party with his Jesus Is King track. He has come back with one of the best track of all time where the lyrics and the idea of the entire song bring something with it making it perfect of all. One can find curiosity in the music as well.


Fever, written and composed by Megan Thee Stallion is considered as one of the top chart musician of all time with her record-breaking music. She tries to bring feminist rap tradition and with its hundred percent fullest essences and with her peculiar sound has made many people uncomfortable. However, music was one of the top ones to go beyond the chart. Few of the other music along with Fever include WAP, Suga, Hot Girl Summer, and Don’t Stop.

Die a Legend

Die a Legend

Taurus Tremani Bartlett, Polo G, is the one behind Die a Legend. The hip hop song has made into US top 20 single ‘Pop Out’. Even though he is new on the hip hop chart, within a short period of time, the singer has attracted a lot of audience to the stage, especially with his debut music, Die a Legend.

So Much Fun

The next one on the list is none other than the great So Much Fun music which was made by the Young thug. The music track, Young thug, was released in the year 2019 and is known as his debut track. The music is known to be hip hop, and he has bought a lot of guest faces in between his music.

A Brief Introduction to Hip Hop Music Genre

Music Genre

Hip Hop is not just considered as a musical genre, but it is indeed a robust cultural movement that gained its widespread popularity in the early 1980s and the 90s. It is also considered as the genre that is the backing music for rap. This musical style incorporates various segments of music like rhythm, rhyming speech with the influential artform. Hip Hop has penetrated all areas of our lives including cinema, video games such as Grand Theft Auto and even musicals. So whether you decide to catch the next film at a movie theater, download the latest video game or get tickets for a Hamilton show in New York you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the Hip Hop culture!

Origin of Hip Hop

It is widely considered as a synonym for the rap culture and rap music, but it consists of four different elements – Dj’ing, rapping, Rhyming, Writing and B-boying. All these four sectors of the genre encompass the style of dance, music and attitude that is referred to in technical terms as postural semantics.

It was initially discovered in the African American culture in the late 1970s. This genre is also shrouded by the remains of myth, enigma and also obfuscation. Among the four sectors of the genre, graffiti and break dancing caught crowd attention and laps became a crowd favourite.

All the four components of the genre of music were amalgamated together by the shared environment, which has evolved over the years. One of the first significant DJ in the hip hop genre was DJ Kool Herc, who was a young 18-year-old immigrant. He introduced the sounds of Jamaica to all the inner city parties and the other native Americas. He blended the old rhythmic music to the popular new tunes that as also used as a dance record, over the years. They also encouraged improvisational dancing.

The eighties Hip Hop

The eighties Hip Hop

By the end of the late 1970s, hip hop was a mainstream musical genre that gained traction from all the old and young audiences. It was also used as a 1980s certified gold track music, which was sung by Kurtis Blow. In 1986, Beastie Boys formed a white hip-hop group of people who also released the first LP rap music to the billboard albums and charts.

Many artists from this ear, made a social statement about hip hop as their platform to showcase their knowledge. Following them, their fans also started following the crowed and became mainstream fans of hip hop music.

Nineties Hip Hop rap music

Gangsta rap was one of the predominant genres of the hip hop music of the nineties. It was during this era that the subject matter of the music genre shifted to subjects like misogyny, drugs, violence, abuse and many more. It was also considered a mainstream commodity. During this time, it had reached heights of popularity, and the black teens were not the only ones that were listening to this form of music.

Over the years, it also drove people towards the genre, and it became a political and a social platform to lead a ghetto life in the early 20th century. Thanks to all the crossover artists, today, hip hop is regarded as the broadest genre of demographic.

Top 5 Rappers That Has Shaken the Foundation of Hip Hop Music!

Hip Hop Music

Hip Hop music genre is something ever people on earth is devoted to listening. It is soothing and contains and a lot of meaning, inner meaning in the lyrics. It is said that hip hop was first made in the year 1970. African American society gave birth to this music genre, making it one of the genres in the music world. DJ Kool Herc started the hip hop, otherwise or popularly known as the Rap genre. Ever since then, many artists came into the light; paving the way and contributing to hip hop music. Having said that, we will see some of the greatest rap music artists in the following list. Without much further ado, let us hit the post, shall we?

Jay Z

Born on 4 December 969, Jay-Z’s real name is Shawn Corey Carter. He is an American born record producer, rapper, and songwriter. His debut music is known as the Reasonable Doubt. Ever since he stepped into the music field, the rapper has shown some pretty amazing steps and music into the world. He is best known for his rhymes and an astounding flow of lyrics making the audience go high for his notes. He is called as the most talented one among the other hip hop stars.



Best known for his Rap God, the longest single music that consists of 1,560 words, which he sang within 6 minutes and 3 seconds of a period! Marshall Bruce Mathers III, popularly known as Eminem is an American rapper who is an asset to the music world. He has a record-breaking award for being the World’s Fastest Rapper. He has also acted in a few movies and shows. This 498-year-old artist is known as one of the pioneers in the hip hop music world.

Lil Wayne

The third one on the list is none other than the greatest Lil Wayne! Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., otherwise popularly known as Lil Wayne is an American rapper as well as an actor. He is known to bring a contemporary touch to the hip hop music world. Born in 1982, Lil Wayne is a hip hop star famous in between the Millenials and of all ages alike, He is also considered as one of the greatest rappers in the best rappers list.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar

The fourth one to top the list is an American rapper and a producer. He is better known in various other names, especially K-Dot, Kung-Fu Kenny, and so on. His debut music to the world was none other than the amazing Good Kid and M.A.A.D City. He is best-known in between people of all ages, especially between the Millenials.

Lauryn Hill

Bornn in the year 1975, Lauryn Hill is best known for her many kinds of music, especially the Neo-soul genre musician. Hill has outdone many rappers and hip hop artists with her collection of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and MTV Unplugged No. 2.0.

Hip-hop Music Genres

Music Genres

Hip Hop is considered to be the most popular forms of music that have made its name across the world. In this article, let’s discuss the different types or the sub-genres in hip hop music culture briefly.

Hip-Hop/ R&B/ Rap

Hip Hop is a term that was originated in or created by the Africans-Americans in the late cultural movements in the 1970s. Shortly into this artistic movement, the Caribbean Americans and the Latino Americans also joined the movement. This has lead to the significant scale development of the hip hop music genre, which mainly includes rap music.

The music genre comprises of four elementary and five secondary parts. The fundamental elements are a necessity to understand the music genre, which includes:

  • Rapping
  • DJ’ing
  • Breakdancing
  • Graffiti

The other features of this type of music also include:

  • Beat Boxing
  • Street Entrepreneurship
  • Hip hop fashion
  • Hip hop language and many more

R&B genre

R&B genre

Like noted earlier, the hip hop genre of music began in the early 1970s during the Urban development movement in the Bronx. The training was mainly focused on MC’ing in all the neighbourhood events and parties in the block. To this day, it is considered as the most powerful ways to protest against the decision taken by the legal institutions.

The people in the urban Latino culture mainly use Hip hop as a form of expression. A Jamaican DJ named Kool Herc was the first to use this genre of music into the percussions break in hip hop culture. He made use of the records that helped in switching back and forth two tracks by using a mixer.

Rapping was started in the African American culture, where people exchanged words verbally, and men compete with one another. This vocal style of music was later laid over with a beat.

High Points of Hip Hop music

Over the years, the music genre hasn’t just been a musical genre but is merely considered a movement. It is also considered as a platform that the artists have carefully curated to eliminate the ills of society. One of the significant reasons for this is the increase in popularity of the rap genre in the hip hop culture, around American and African music is because that is one of the primary ways to connect to the people in the region. They’re able to interpret their feelings and emotions correctly and also alleviated from being treated as a minority.

Some of the famous hip-hop or rap songs include:

  • It takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back by Public Enemy, released in 1988
  • Raising Hell by Run DMC in 1986
  • All Eyez on Me by 2Pac in 1996
  • Ready to Die by Notorious BIG in 1994
  • The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem in 2000
  • Hip hop/Rap Genres
  • Hyphy
  • Jazz Rap
  • Dirty South
  • East Coast
  • G-Funk
  • Latin Rap

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